SUPER OFFER for April, May and October 2021!

1 week rental, including insurance.
Delivery and collection on Heraklion airport,
Chania airport and hotels in the big resorts on Crete.

1 Week
2 Weeks
Group A
Hyundai I10
115,00 euro
230,00 euro
Group B
Fiat Panda
130,00 euro
260,00 euro
Group C
Toyota Yaris
145,00 euro
290,00 euro
Group D
Hyundai I30
160,00 euro
320,00 euro
Group G2
Opel Corsa automatic
210,00 euro
420,00 euro
Group R
Suzuki Jimny cabrio 4x4
225,00 euro
450,00 euro
Group S1
Skoda Yeti 4x4
300,00 euro
600,00 euro
Group I
320,00 euro
640,00 euro
Group J
Minibus 7 persons
250,00 euro
500,00 euro
Group K2
Minibus 9 persons
340,00 euro
680,00 euro


Small economic car in 2021!

Ask us for the price.

Rent a luxury 5 persons car on Crete.
BMW 116i                                   From 32,00 per day
Rent an open jeep 4x4 on Crete.
Suzuki Jimny jeep cabrio                  From 32,00 per day
Rent a 5 persons car on Crete with eye Drive rent a car in Hersonissos.
Toyota Yaris                                   From 21,00 per day
Rent a minibus 9 persons on Heraklion airport Crete.
Opel Vivaro 9 persons                     From 47,00 per day


  Good cars
  Good service
  Mutilingual staff 
  Airport delivery 24 hrs!
  Hotel deliveries



Payment options Eye Drive rent a car on Crete


EYE Drive rent a car
Tel. +30 6945 816649


Small cheap automatic cars for rent on Crete.
AUTOMATIC From 26,00 euro/day